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Updated 29 April 2024 • Published 29 April ‎2024

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PageSection provides web applications and services for web creators. This will be our temporary (changelog) document to post some of the minor or major changes to the website and other miscellaneous updates in regards to our products and services. In future versions, we may integrate actual changelog software to track various changes and updates or allow public roadmap and feature-request voting. Currently, this is not a priority as we opt to continue with (private) email support and user requests or feedback. We will continue to post as many relevant monthly or yearly changes as possible within this page.

April 2024 updates

This was the first complete month using Paddle as a payment provider and merchant-of-record having migrated away from LemonSqueezy as stated in March 2024. We will continue with Paddle and look forward to bringing more features such as the user subscription-portal or improved checkouts when available. During this period, we also provided multiple quality-of-life updates including;

  • The Escape (Esc) button can now be used to navigate backwards when using the HTML Editor making it useful to close modals or change the side-bar menu.
  • Improved HTML Editor landing page to enable faster page speed by controlled resource loading priority. This improves the on-page Search Engine Optimization and user experience.
  • Improved preview HTML indexing for HTML projects that do not contain an index.html page. This change included the use of graphics to proper represent folders and files when viewing the index of improper HTML projects.
  • Improved success and error messaging for the website emails and sign-in functionality. This aims to enable easier onboarding by providing specific and controlled information. Zoho (SMTP) email services are used for email communication.
  • Experimenting with the payment provider checkouts in order to improve conversion rates. The previous dark-mode checkout theme has been changed to light-mode to test viability. Such testing is difficult with limited traffic, but since we managed to get conversions using the dark-mode theme — then we will consider using dark-mode as the default checkout theme if the light-mode testing falters. Paddle currently does not specify which checkout theme is better for conversion rates.
  • Experimenting with the website footer by adding more helpful links to enable users and search engines access specific content. This change started during March 2024 and could help improve on-site SEO and overall user experience.

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