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PageSection (March 2024) Updates

By Mugabo Maurice | Software Developer @PageSection
Updated 31 March 2024 • Published 31 ‎March ‎2024

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PageSection continues to provide web applications and services for web creators. However this year has presented many challenges that need resolving through some major and minor changes to the website. The most significant change to be applied is the migration from one payment-processor to another as we have faced many issues using mainly due to unclear (hidden) fees and charges plus lack of support and feedback. Therefore is the payment-processor to be integrated and used moving forward.

Paddle has better pricing with less hidden fees, but (currently) the support services are equally as terrible and the documentation (code examples) + API + checkout designs are lacking. In my case, I was only able to implement the PHP webhook due to past experiences with similar systems. Paddle did not provide good one script/page code examples and instead provided a link to an entire GitHub project with the assumption the project can easily be plugged into other projects. The better solution would have been to provide a simple script or page of code showing how to receive a payload/response and perform authentication and verification of contents in less than 10 or 20 lines of PHP code.

As already stated, one major problem with using such payment-processors is that they seem to undercut on support services, therefore do not expect useful support staff service or feedback if the headquarters are closed or past national (time-zone) work-hours. This is even worse during weekends or holidays where issues may get ignored entirely.

Other updates

In aiming at providing more value, other changes were made to this website and elsewhere for example;

  • Gumroad store and official account created to provide editable templates for quick purchase. This may help attract more users using a back-link similar to the LemonSqueezy store setup.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by showing unique H1 titles and meta descriptions for the online HTML editor projects and sample templates. Links from the public Gumroad and Lemonsqueezy stores also help with search engines.
  • A Progressive Web Application (PWA) was created and submitted to the Google PlayStore and it may be released later on along the year. The PWA is a reducted version of the HTML editor with special JavaScript code for mobile devices and offline mode usage. (Milestone date: March 17th 2024) More to do later.
  • Paddle verification approval and migration to use as a new payment provider and Merchant of Record (MoR) for account pricing and plans. (Milestone date: March 18th to 24th 2024) The LemonSqueezy marketplace plans will be removed/hidden to allow one source of transaction.
  • Pricing changes have been considered and the Student (discount) package by PageSection may be entirely removed from the account options. Otherwise the Student package price may increase to $7 while the standard Premium package price may increase to $13 using the new payment provider with VAT and sales tax included.
  • Pricing changes will only affect new subscribers or current subscribers whose plans end through expiration, non-payment, or cancellation. All price changes may be applied later on along the year or reverted if deemed unnecessary.
  • Landing page and content updates, polishing UI issues dealing with ultra-wide screens functionality which was added in 2023 and other screen resizing issues, more minor changes.

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