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Tailwind CSS (v2.2.14) Free HTML Template

By PageSection
Updated 15 October 2021

This day, the 9th of September 2021, marks the release of a new HTML template built around one of the (currently) most popular CSS frameworks in website development; Tailwind CSS. Take note of version features and changes as the free HTML template is using Tailwind v2.2.14.
The HTML template can be useful to web developers that want to create HTML markup or web content for websites powered by Tailwind. Feel free to copy, save or download the template and use it for any purporse; personal, commercial or otherwise.

What Is Tailwind CSS?

According to the official Tailwind CSS website;

A utility-first CSS framework packed with classes like flex, pt-4, text-center and rotate-90 that can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup. Utility classes help you work within the constraints of a system instead of littering your stylesheets with arbitrary values. They make it easy to be consistent with color choices, spacing, typography, shadows, and everything else that makes up a well-engineered design system. Because Tailwind is so low-level, it never encourages you to design the same site twice. Even with the same color palette and sizing scale, it's easy to build the same component with a completely different look in the next project.

Is Tailwind CSS worth using?

Utility-first CSS design frameworks are not for everyone. Many simply do not want to be bothered customizing every single aspect of an HTML element and hence prefer the component based CSS frameworks like Bootstrap CSS, e.t.c.

But given Tailwind CSS's (currently) immense popularity in front-end website development, it is safe to say that it is worth using. Not to mention the wide variety of tutorials, resources and even job-advertisements with referrence to the CSS framework. At the very least, one should check it out so as not to be surprised when it is used or required later on.

Is the template free to use?

Yes. For personal, commercial and any other use. No need to pay or give credit. Feel free to download it using this link. Or save the page as HTML (HTML Complete to get the direct HTML, CSS, JS resources used) using Ctrl+S on Windows or ⌘+S on MacOS in your web browser.

How To Use The HTML Template?

Click here to edit the template using the HTML Editor. The HTML Editor by PageSection which allows users to upload and edit HTML templates directly in a web browser. Additionally, we will endeavour to provide updates, and possibly more free HTML templates based on popular HTML and CSS frameworks so as to provide more value to our users especially those that use the HTML Editor.

Using The HTML Editor By PageSection

You can create raw HTML markup and content directly in your web browser. Suitable for copywriters, bloggers, students, web developers and many more. The HTML Editor provides an easy to use visual and code interface to edit HTML webpages. One of its main features include a dynamic DOM tree to represent the HTML structure of the webpage.

Try out the HTML Editor today. No login required, so feel free to test as much as possible.

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