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Download Tailwind CSS Templates From Any Of These Sources

By Mugabo Maurice
Updated 06 September 2022 • Published 20 April 2022

First off, we at PageSection also provide HTML templates that users can edit online (within a web browser) and download later. The templates are free to use for any commercial or personal projects. But for this blog post, let us cover some other websites that provide HTML templates and snippets built with Tailwind CSS. According to the official website;

A utility-first CSS framework packed with classes like flex, pt-4, text-center and rotate-90 that can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup. Utility classes help you work within the constraints of a system instead of littering your stylesheets with arbitrary values. They make it easy to be consistent with color choices, spacing, typography, shadows, and everything else that makes up a well-engineered design system. Because Tailwind is so low-level, it never encourages you to design the same site twice. Even with the same color palette and sizing scale, it's easy to build the same component with a completely different look in the next project.

Tailwind is (currently) one of the most popular CSS frameworks in website development, and as such, has a huge community of creators across the internet. Below are some of the valuable online sources that provide HTML templates designed using Tailwind CSS.


This site contains the official Tailwind CSS templates provided by the creators of Tailwind CSS itself. It's important to note that this website provides both free and premium (paid) templates, but you should not distribute any of the code/templates without reading the license. You should also not use the templates to create a competing service.

TailwindUI screenshot
A screenshot of the TailwindUI website


An inspiration to the HTML templates service we provide, Tailwind Toolbox is maintained by a solo developer who provides and also lists free open-source (MIT licensed) Tailwind CSS templates. This website is one of the leading inspirations behind our templates service, this is because it generates a lot of organic traffic some of which ends up on PageSection due to our editable Tailwind CSS templates link being featured on the starter-components section.

Tailwind Toolbox screenshot
A screenshot of the Tailwind Toolbox website

Another project maintained by a solo developer, also available on GitHub. This website (web-app actually) lets users scroll through a side-bar list of Tailwind CSS snippets, and select the snippet code or color scheme to copy-paste and use elsewhere. All snippets provided on this website are free to use.

Tailblocks screenshot
A screenshot of the Tailblocks website


Maintained by two developers on GitHub, MerakiUI provides custom made free (and possibly premium/paid) Tailwind CSS templates and snippets. This is a fun alternative to users who cannot afford TailwindUI's premium license.

MerakiUI screenshot
A screenshot of the MerakiUI website

Tailwind Components

This is a community-sourced collection of Tailwind CSS templates, of which we also participated by contributing some of our Tailwind snippets like this one for example.

Tailwind Components screenshot
A screenshot of the TailwindComponents website

PageSection provides content-editable HTML templates

We provide content-editable HTML templates and snippets for Tailwind CSS and many other frameworks. Using editable HTML templates allows users to save time creating HTML markup and content for web projects. For more information about our services, visit the homepage.

Sample image of editable HTML templates using the HTML Editor

Live demo

Check out the sample live-demo embedded in the iframe below. Click on any text to start editing the webpage content, or sign-up to save and download the template as a zip file.

Upload HTML projects to view or edit using PageSection

Remember, users can upload any HTML template to PageSection and view or edit using our services. Simply follow the steps provided in the tutorial below and get started. But if you prefer using already-made (pre-existing) sample HTML templates, feel free to visit our templates page and select any category of your choice.

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Create Zip File

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