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Envato HTML Editor

An article for users of Envato (Elements)
Updated 14 September 2022 • Published 14 September 2022

According to the main website, Envato is the leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people. It is popular for providing premium resources including high quality HTML templates for websites, emails and many other use-cases. Envato also provides Themeforest as an alternate source of HTML templates, you can refer to this article for more information.

Screenshot of Envato's website

Envato allows users to download HTML templates after purchase. The download will include the necessary files such as the HTML pages, CSS, JavaScript files and maybe mock/sample images if available. The downloaded templates can then be used on other projects in accordance to the license or purchase agreement.

Using Envato HTML templates

You get a wide variety of features and benefits for using the premium HTML templates by Envato, these may include;

  Premade HTML components, sections or blocks
  Useful documentation and code comments
  High quality designs
  Responsive across different device screen sizes
  Professional fonts

... and so much more. However please note that the sample/demo images used in templates may not always be provided.

Upload, edit and customize with PageSection

PageSection is a platform on which you can upload HTML templates to preview, share or edit online. Users can upload a zip file containing HTML project files (like the HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and generate a URL web link, or create customized editable HTML projects.

Get HTML Project

Get HTML project files

This could be a website for a client, or for personal use. Get the necessary project files of the website to upload

Create Zip File

Place the files into a single zip file

Put the website (project) files in a single zipped (.zip) file, include an index.html at the "top" and not within another folder

Upload Zip File

Upload the zip file using your PageSection user account

Upload the zip file using our service to create a project and receive a link. Later you can edit or delete the project

Receive Web Link

Receive a web URL link for every uploaded project

After any successful project upload, you will receive a web URL link which can be used to visit or share the website

Make changes with the online HTML editor

If you want to edit and customize the HTML templates from Envato, try using the online HTML editor by PageSection. Get started with the live-demo provided below, or check out the other free sample HTML templates that we provide.

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