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How Can I Host A Temporary Website

By PageSection
Updated 15 October 2021

Working on a personal web development project and need a temporary domain name, a temporary host or a place to upload and view or share changes to your project? Is it an html website, a javascript file, cascading style sheet (css), an image, font or any file you need online without buying a domain name or setting up a server?

We created PageSection to allow you upload your web projects and get web url links. It's that easy, no configurations, no domain names, just upload and get the link you need. The link can be shared with whoever and you have the option to edit or delete the project. It does not get any easier than that. This can be particularly useful for web developers doing multiple projects, for example teachers and students of web development, who need a quick and easy way of presenting their websites and web applications (web-apps) to other users.

How to use PageSection

Upload your web project and create a link. It's that easy. We offer a free trial period after you sign up and create your account. At no extra cost. Use it to test out the platform, subscribe later.
Feel free to contact us via email in case of any extra questions.