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By PageSection Support Team
Updated 22 July 2022

June 28th of 2021 marked the release date of the HTML Editor by PageSection, a web application that lets you edit or create HTML markup and content of any HTML template or website.

The release of the HTML Editor also marked the introduction of multiple site changes on PageSection, including various user-interface (UI) updates and the end of timed trial periods - which means Free (Basic) account plans will nolonger expire after a given trial-time period but instead last for an unlimited period of time. With a Free (Basic) account, you can now upload and host a file or entire HTML website free of charge, for as long as you like. No more timed trial. Simply create an account and start today!

How To Upload And Link HTML Websites
Website Templates ~ Client Websites ~ Personal Websites

Get HTML Project

Get HTML project files

This could be a website for a client, or for personal use. Get the necessary project files of the website to upload

Create Zip File

Place the files into a single zip file

Put the website (project) files in a single zipped (.zip) file, include an index.html at the "top" and not within another folder

Upload Zip File

Upload the zip file using your PageSection user account

Upload the zip file using our service to create a project and receive a link. Later you can edit or delete the project

Receive Web Link

Receive a web URL link for every uploaded project

After any successful project upload, you will receive a web URL link which can be used to visit or share the website

How The HTML Editor Works
Edit HTML Websites ~ Generate HTML Markup ~ Create HTML Content

Disclaimer: PageSection does not support custom domain names. All user uploads/projects will use URL links based on the domain and similar subdomains such as Users are allowed to export projects using the various interfaces provided, therefore you can save or download projects at anytime and use them elsewhere. In addition, we only support Front-End (HTML, JS, CSS, images, text, & many more) file resources. When used, only the contents of the uploaded file(s) are returned. Therefore in the case of computer code or programming, you will receive the contents and NOT the results of the computer code or programming. If your project contains Back-End programming (e.g. PHP, ASP.NET, Python, et cetera), please consider using or re-configuring your own web server or web host as we (currently) cannot handle custom server-side programs. Contact us for more information if necessary.

Visit our homepage for more information and feel free to contact us using our support email ( with any questions that you may have. Best regards.

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