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How To Host A Website For A School Project

By PageSection
Updated 15 October 2021

Have you been given an assignment that requires you to create and submit a website or web-application (web-app) for a class project? Here are a few things you should note about what you may be required to do for the project to be completed successfully. Please note that this will depend on your project requirements as things may differ for example some projects require serious back-end programming such as database access, while others are front-end specific thus only require designing the interface commonly with HTML. Other projects might require both front-end and back-end.


Visit our homepage and sign up. Then upload your website or any other front-end file(s) to receive a web url link which you may then use for presenting the website or web-app to others that visit that web url link. We remove the complexity of setting up your own web server just so as to support every single web project. This may get tedious when projects increase in number. Or get expensive when the cost of buying domain names is not feasible and you need a simple way to link your web project.

Contact us via email for any extra support. We look forward to working with you on your web projects. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.