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Sample Portfolio HTML Template From W3Schools — Using W3.CSS

A template from PageSection Templates
Updated 06 September 2022 • Published 17 March 2022

This project is provided as one of the free starter templates — credit to w3schools as the original creators — when using the HTML Editor by PageSection. Feel free to edit, save or export the HTML markup/content using the embedded project in the iframe below.

Edit using the HTML Editor

This is one of the earliest free HTML templates we converted into an editable template was the sample portfolio template created and provided by w3schools ( It uses w3.css, a light-weight free-to-use CSS only (no JavaScript) framework for building responsive websites. This template is readily available on the official w3.css templates page, and can also be edited in their Try-It editor.

A screenshot from the w3schools website

We would also like to note that w3.css was used to create the original version of this website, though we later added/combined Bootstrap 3 and some custom Google fonts.

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