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Pricing Cards Using Bootstrap 3 & 4 — Bootstrap HTML Templates

A template from PageSection Templates
Updated 06 September 2022 • Published 17 March 2022

In 2021, we created a collection of editable HTML templates & snippets across popular CSS frameworks including Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 3. In this blog post, let us highlight two versions of the same 'pricing card' template powered by two different versions of Bootstrap. Also note that while similar in many aspects (and almost identical), the Bootstrap version 3 and version 4 frameworks have some critical differences. Be sure to check out some documentation.

Pricing card template using Bootstrap 4

We used the free Bootstrap Icons ( to create the ticks alongside the card text. The icons are free to use in any project, commercial or otherwise. However, you could also use your own custom icons from other sources e.g. FontAwesome. Also note that the card <div> columns must be inside another <div> with a row class applied. Bootstrap 4 also makes it easy to create card-components by using card and card-body classes.

Pricing card template using Bootstrap 3

We recreated a similar template using Bootstrap 3, but instead used the default Glyphicon Halflings icons which are provided for free within the Bootstrap 3 package. Similar to the structure above, the cards must be inside another <div> with a row class applied. However, for Bootstrap 3, we use do NOT use the card or card-body classes. Instead, consider using the thumbnail and caption classes.

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