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By PageSection
Updated 15 October 2021

Today, the 20th of July 2021 marks the (soft) release of a new features, the advanced code preview and the live DOM editing which provide more value and power to our HTML Editor.
More details will be provided with time as we further refine any issues as we have just launched the updates. But here is some quick information.

CodeMirror: The Advanced Code Editor

CodeMirror provides one of the most advanced and full feature code text editors on the internet that is used by a many developers and companies around the world.
We discovered it after learning that is is the same text editor that powers various online code editors, think JSFiddle and CodePen though we cannot be sure who uses what, but we find this to be of value to our platform in the sense of editing code.

Live DOM Editing

Even better, we have worked hard to make the code editing and visual editing seamless. What we mean is the changes done in code are live and reflected in the other features of the editor including the element-structure (DOM) tree.
And to take it further, you can also edit the code from the editor and see the changes reflected live in the code. A true HTML Editor that allows both code and visual editing all within your web browser. That is what we offer.

Templates and Re-usable components

We have also added the ability to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create re-usable templates which will be intelligently injected into any website you edit according to your needs. This can be a useful feature when saving time.


Not impressed, try out the HTML Editor today. No login required. So feel free to test as much as possible. More information and tutorials will be provided later on.

Visit our homepage and sign up. Then upload your website or any other front-end file(s) to receive a web url link which you may then use for presenting the website or web-app to others that visit that web url link. We remove the complexity of setting up your own web server just so as to support every single web project. This may get tedious when projects increase in number. Or get expensive when the cost of buying domain names is not feasible and you need a simple way to link your web project.

Contact us via email for any extra support. We look forward to working with you on your web projects. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your support.