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Ads Policy

Updated (Modified): 06 March 2022


"Ads" is an acronym for "Advertisement and Discovery of Services". On this website, we may (or may not) display ads of different kinds, normally provided by third parties for example Google Adsense, Carbon, and many others. These ads may display other products and services that we offer, or even display affiliate products from which we generate revenue.


Majority of the internet's businesses use an ad-based monetization model. We at PageSection may also (now or later) rely on ads to generate revenue. This may not always be the case, but due to the nature of online business, advertising revenue is one of the best ways to monetize our audience.


Some ads might be provided directly by us, in most cases advertising our own products or services, or advertising other products created by the creators of this website. However, we may also rely on other third-party ad-networks and use external API's to provide the advertising.


You can support us by reporting any scenarios in which the ads that are shown on the website contain abusive, offensive or damaging content. This will help us make the site a lot more safer.


For more about the terms and conditions when using this website, visit our Terms page which may provide further details.


For more about your privacy in relation to any content on this website, visit our Privacy page which also explains the use of "Third party services" in more detail.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this website, please contact us on any of the contacts provided by the specific product or service. In this case, use any of the ones provided below;