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Refund Policy

Updated (Modified): 18 March 2024

Thank you for being a customer of PageSection.

We offer refunds and/or exchange within the first sixty (60) days after the initial order and purchase is successfully processed and completed. If the period exceeds sixty (60) days since purchase, then no refund and/or exchange will be offered. Please contact us via to request a refund or more information.


  • To request a refund, one must prove ownership of the email address used to perform the initial order and purchase.
  • Additionally, other forms of proof of purchase are required, such as receipts or invoices, in case email verification is not sufficient.
  • The initial order and purchase must have been successfully processed and completed. PageSection cannot refund failed payments, chargebacks, reversals, fradulent transactions and any other forms of unsuccessful or incomplete payments.
  • Previous subscriptions and recurring payments cannot be refunded if a renewal or repeat payment was performed after as only the latest payment is eligible for refund.
  • Free trials and other forms of non-monetary transactions cannot be refunded.
  • The period after the initial purchase must not exceed sixty (60) days.

This refund policy explains some of the conditions required for returns, refunds and reimbursements of purchases made by our customers. Please note that users and accounts must still adhere to the Terms of use for acceptable use. Contact us via for more information.