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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

What is PageSection?

PageSection provides web services. Save time by using our editable HTML templates. Build, create & export HTML website content using the advanced HTML Editor. Or upload and save files online, create download links, and so much more.

Suitable for a wide variety of web users such as bloggers, copywriters, web-dev students and teachers, freelancers, and many other users.

How does this website help users?

By providing a wide variety of useful products and services to web users. For example, you can upload any project file and get a working URL web link, or even create download links for your uploads.

For web developers, you can even upload an entire HTML website project (by uploading a single zip file containing all the website files) and get it linked online with a free URL web link. Or use the free HTML templates.

For copywriters, bloggers and HTML web designers, we provide a free and advanced HTML Editor that lets you dynamically modify any uploaded HTML websites with ease. This includes creating web content using visual editing.

We will keep trying to develop new, improved and useful products and services so as to provide much more user value.

Premium subscription error(s)?

Please contact us immediately using our support email ( This may happen due to various reasons including using a different email address when purchasing subscription. We will do our best to help you out. Contact us as soon as possible.

What happens (to my uploads & features) if I end my subscription?

There are many factors we take into consideration. Your premium features will most likely be disabled, this may also including losing your ability to upload more project files.

Any previously saved or uploaded project files may still be preserved even after ending your subscription. However there is no guarantee as excess files may have to be deleted to save resources being used.

Therefore, we reserve the right to handle subscription-cancellations in any manner we see fit to provide value to both users and administrators of our products or services. In certain cases, we might delete the projects of unsubscribed users to save disk space on the servers especially if the user stays inactive & unsubscribed for a very long time. If you manually delete a project, the project's link will lead to a 404 (page not found) page.

What about the ads (if any)?

Ads may or may not be appear on the website. Majority of the internet's businesses use an ad-based model, sort of like magazines in the early days. We at PageSection have costs of maintaining this website and its other resources, and for a large majority, the content we provide is meant to be free of charge. Therefore we will, for now or later, rely on ads to earn an income and cover costs of what we do. Hopefully, we deliver products and services in the future that will generate enough income to allow us drop ads as a business model in the near future. For more information about advertisements, check out our Ads page and read more.

Free trial periods?

No. Previously, we offered timed trial periods, but not anymore.

Every basic account lasts for an unlimited period of time with a few limitations. We are using the freemium business model so we offer a Premium (Pro) plan for more features.

In the future, things may change, so be sure to keep updated.

Am I allowed to share accounts with another user?

No. This leads to loss of revenue for our business. Be kind and civil. We all have bills to pay.

The billing follows a 'per user per month' model with a single user being associated to an account by the account's email address.

Support for back-end (PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, etc)?

No. We do not support user submitted back-end programs as this may affect servers for other users.

Only the contents of the uploaded files, and not the results of execution, are returned. Therefore only front-end content is supported.

What can be uploaded?

You can upload any file, including images, texts, pdf, videos and so much more provided they are not harmful files such as computer viruses, pornography, or anything against our Terms of service. Back-end or server side scripts are also forbidden (and will be disabled by default) so as to avoid possible server-side attacks and improve our security.

Ensure any content uploaded is not done with ill-intent or malice against other users or the platform itself. We accept a wide variety of files for web projects, especially html templates for editing and previewing online. We do NOT provide custom domains as we focus on providing editing, conversion and preview services and NOT domain/website hosting.

Discounts for education and non-profit sectors?

Yes. Contact us via our support email ( and let's get in touch. You can also check out our Pricing page, or the LemonSqueezy and Gumroad marketplaces just in case we have any active offers and promotions.

Any contact information?

If you have any questions about this website, please contact us using any of the contacts provided on this page. In this case, consider using the email address provided below or in the website footer;